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Dr. Dentalman Illistrator A.K. Bernstein
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About Dr. Dentalman

Dr. Dentalman is a cartoon character that can be helpful in making dental care both interesting and fun, starting first and foremost with prevention.

We believe that those involved in selling dental equipment & supply manufacturers may want to advertise using our t-shirts.

In addition we provide t-shirts to dentists, dental college/universities.  We believe using our branding might help dentists make their presentations at trade shows, conferences and seminars.  It may also help dental care professionals reach young people in presentations at elementary schools, middle schools and/or high schools early on in the communities they serve.

Super heroes don't create trouble, but we are sure glad they are around to help prevent it and set things straight when a problem arises.

About Artist and Cartoon Illustrator Allen K. Bernstein

  • Art Director for Channel 21.  Graphics, photos, set design.
  • Product Designer for Ritter Dental – 20 years.  Development, renderings and mock-ups of existing products, and the building of prototypes of future products.  He was involved with the design of every product that Ritter Dental manufactured, as well as their actual manufacturing.  Ritter Dental was the first manufacturer of dental products in the United States.  He designed operatories (dental offices) for dentists buying our products across the United States.
  • After leaving Ritter Dental he formed AKB Design.  He designed dental cabinetry for dentists.  He started designing dental t-shirts in 2003.  Since then there have been a few changes.


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